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Environmental Services Inc of California - ESI, Environmental & Ecological Services, Folsom, CA

Environmental Services quality of service record speaks through our clients. When client after client recommends our company to neighbors, business partners, affiliates, and even strangers, we know we're doing things right.


"I would like to take a few moments to let you know what exceptional service I received from Environmental Services!!! I am not even the client...just the tenant living in the unit that had the mold remediation done in. I am unfortunately in quite an uncomfortable position with my landlord (your client) but the people at ES have made this experience so much better than it could’ve gone given the situation. Emily has been my project coordinator throughout this & she’s been a ray of sunshine!!! She’s always been so friendly & so pleasant to speak to & completely professional. She’s always protected the rights of the client (my landlord.) She has always been very helpful to me as well whenever she could she would help me with anything I needed. This whole process for me has been an absolute nightmare and after having to live somewhere other than my unit for 7+ weeks now when I was only supposed to be out for one evening & all that’s gone on during that time with my landlord....ES has been my saving grace. I also have to tell you that Matt (I‘m so sorry I can’t remember his last name) who was the project manager & also did all the work from taking the initial samples to doing the actual remediation himself. Matt was so nice & so professional the entire time he was in my home. The worker he had helping him do the remediation was very professional & very kind too. The quality of the work done is absolutely exceptional & I’ll be recommending ES every opportunity I have to do so. Thank you so much for all that you guys have done for me and for being the leading company in mold remediation & for the outstanding service that your company has provided to me."

Ashlee U.
Carlsbad, California


"I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Emily. My name is Michelle C... and I help manage the property at .... Our tenants called and were very concerned about the potential health hazards associated with working in a possible mold infested environment. I have never had experience with this kind of a problem and the minute I spoke to Emily on the phone, I knew we would all be in good hands. Emily was not only polite and professional, she was also knowledgeable and thorough. Emily was able to put us all on a conference call and step by step she explained to us what was going to happen. When we hung was a win-win situation. Everyone involved was able to hear the same information first hand.

I wish I could deal with more people like Emily on a day-to-day basis. What a pleasure it is to work with someone who actually does what she says she is going to do! Phone calls were returned promptly, emails were sent, answers to questions (from me and the tenants) were handled immediately. Emily was also able to smooth the "ruffled feathers" of our tenants who were fearful that everyone in the building would suffer from health problems. I can't even begin to tell you how well Emily handled this touchy situation. She gets an A+ in my opinion!!

You and your company are VERY lucky to have Emily represent you........

Thank you!"

Michelle C.
Milpitas, California


"I just wanted to thank you again for helping me to help my father. He has been able to take the reports to his Doctor and in turn tell my mother she either needs to replace the carpets or he has to move out.

Thank you so much for your help!!"

T. Kawa
Santa Rosa, California


"Hi Leandra,

Thanks for following up. We were really glad that we got the testing done--it gave us some peace of mind. Thanks to your staff for being so professional."

Berkeley, California


"I'm glad we are gutting everything out. Thank you for your help and your crew's help. Defintely use me as your reference if any future customer requests."

Pebble Beach, California



Thank you so much for your complimentary and kind words. It is rare today that someone will actually take the time to say nice things about a stranger. I really do appreciate it and I appreciate your professionalism. You are great to work with as well. Thanks again."

San Leandro, California


"I wanted to take time and let you know that Kristen SAVED THE DAY for me and my family by explaining the procedure and help me deal with my Remediation company. She explained everything technically and the remediation company came back and re did the entire work again just because Kristen was "TECHNICALLY CORRECT".

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the service.


El Segundo, California


"You both should know that the contractor was VERY impressed with how Nate and the team left the rooms. He and his foreman also commented positively on Nate's work and his communication.

I thought you should know this because they tell me they often don't find this kind of quality work in some third party vendors they use.

I very much appreciated hearing this and if you can pass this along to Nate and anyone who this might be interested in this feedback."

Sausalito, California


"This e-mail is to inform the organization of the great job Matt completed on September 5 at the ... property. His work was detailed and exceeded expectations. Please inform his boss not to let him leave your company as he is a valuable asset to the organization."

Matthew W.
Corona Del Mar, California


"I spoke with my landlord and told her I will be hiring you to help us. Thank you again for being you. A real sweetheart."

The Colson Family
Pomona, California


"Hooray! Thanks so much Leandra. I don't know what I'm going to do now that Matt has no reason to come back to the house, haha! ;)

Thank you again for being so willing to work with me financially and for the wonderful work Matt and his co-worker did. Please extend my thanks again to them both. I remain very impressed by their professionalism.

Thank you."

San Diego, California


"I just wanted to send a note to let you know how satisfied we are with the work you performed in our two apartment units. I found the men who did the work, not only the inspection but the repairs, as well, were professional, polite, expeditious and VERY knowledgeable. I found you and your team always accessible to my phone calls, friendly and most importantly good for your word within the whole process.

I also extensively researched to find someone competent in your field and am delighted that we chose your company. I have no complaints in the whole process, would ONLY use your company in the future for our portfolio and would further highly recommend your services to even a "family" member."

John Miller
San Luis Obispo, California


"I wanted to thank Tommy for his compassion, patience and help with the inspection that was done today. I have been overwhelmed with the situation I've been in and appreciate his kindness."

Carmel, California


"I must tell you that Walter did a great job explaining what he was doing. Very professional, great personality, definitely an asset to your company. He said that you would most likely contact me by the end of the day with the results. Thank your for your quick response to our crisis. I will definitely recommend you to my customers and colleagues."

Pat P.
Palm Desert, California


"The Tech you sent to my home was great and very helpful. Thank you. Oh and my landlord paid for it thanks to your Tech's knowledge and professionalism. My landlord realized he was receiving the same information I gave him as a IICRC certified Fire Restoration Tech. I want to tell you thank you so much for your help."

Jess C.
San Diego, California


"In April 2011, I was confronted with an unnerving situation - mold infestation in my home. Mold inhalation had compromised my health at the time that I sought help from Environmental Services. It was then that I had the good fortune of meeting Leandra McDaniels. Leandra held my hand throughout the entire process She would see me to the finish line.She made herself available to answer fully all concerns and in a manner which mitigated my fears. She was fully informed on all phases of the project and conveyed a feeling of reassurance in her communication.

How fortunate you are to have a person with her work ethic and outstanding capabilities. I hope she is aptly compensated for her competence."

Agnes G.
Orange, California


"It was an absolute pleasure working with Environmental Services. They helped me with the Mold Inspection, Remediation, and Restoration of my home. The entire staff is extremely professional and handled everything in a much needed timely manner. I very much appreciated all the time they spent with me in explaining, in detail, the process of all the work that needed to be done. I truly feel that they went out of their way to accommodate to my needs and I had such a peace of mind knowing they were in charge of the project. I would definitely recommended, without reservation, Environmental Services to anyone in need of work to be done on their home and guarantee you will be completely satisfied with their services.

Thank you."

James Deryeghiayan
Cedar Glen, California


"It is a pleasure to do business with your company, You have GREAT personnel. Jake took appropriate time to help me understand. Also, I admire your website--and the only thing I regret is somehow a less-than-competent,caring firm got the bid to do the actual remediation. Fortunately, I know as of right now, I am not making that same mistake again as I trust Jake AND Environmental Services to take care of everything properly. Thank you for staying in touch with me. I feel very confident, my problem house will be returned to NORMAL again."

Jeanne W.
Atwater, California


"I was extremely please with the information provided. The knowledge these experts have astounded me and gave me the satisfaction and peace of mind my family and I needed. Thank you!"

E. Vale
Miami, Florida


"I would like to extend a “great job” to you and the crew who handled this for us."

Lisa D.
Sacramento, California


"Got the reports and may I reiterate what a genuine pleasure it was doing business with you and your company. Many blessings!"

J. Miller
San Luis Obispo, California


"Hi David - it really was a pleasure speaking with you and this email is really professional as you were when we spoke. I feel so much better already knowing I have found your company. I have a piece of my stress level lifted. Now waiting for the report will be the next anxiety factor for me....Ok thanks again....."

Janet E.
Daly City, California


"My wife and I always thought that March Madness described the NCAA Basketball playoffs until we were ready to sell our condo. Then a seller's worst nightmare, "MOLD" was discovered growing in our closet. Fortunately, Environmental Services was recommended by our Real Estate Agent as a quality company to take care of our problem professionally and quickly. That was an understatement. From the time we first called Rob to investigate our situation, identify the type of mold, give us a contract and finish the project; it had only been only one week. In today's world, that was not only amazing, but a miracle. His staff, Merle and Obei, were courteous, technically knowledgeable and most of all, professionally qualified. Rob's daily updates and attention to details was certainly appreciated and relieved a lot of our stress. I cannot believe how fortunate we were in engaging their company to eradicate this situation, especially just before putting our condo up for sale. As a direct result of their professional services, we were able to put our condo on the market a week later and it was sold in 2 days. The potential buyer was told that our condo was now the cleanest in town. We would like to thank Environmental Services and your staff for providing us with not only the best quality service, but always being there to ensure a positive conclusion. For anybody reading this letter, my wife and I would not hesitate to recommend their company. To paraphrase a leading Insurance Company's motto: "You're in Good Hands with Environmental Services."

John & Barbara Baker
Davis, California


"My client and I are very happy with your report and appreciate your staff taking the time to go over all of the details with us. We would like to retain your service for remediation. Please let us know the soonest you can meet. Thank you."

Patrick Goldman
PG & Associates
San Jose, California


"My family and I were suffering from many health effects and thought that maybe we had a problem with our home. Your company was incredible! We really appreciated how you sent out an inspector the same day we called and then we had our report the next afternoon. I was really surprised about the entire experience and how smoothly such a scary situation went. The inspector was punctual, professional, and extremely helpful. He answered every one of my questions when I called and gave me some great advice. I will recommend your company to anyone I across with similar problems. Thanks!"

Joan Bradford
San Francisco, California


"Dear Jonathan,

I know that when you came to our home you knew little about our situation. Thank you for taking the time to understand what we had been going through health wise with our property and offering the suggestions you did. The report was straight-forward and I believe we will use your company to take care of our mold problem as soon as we meet with our realtor. Once again, thank you."

Maria Fernando
Oakland, California


Relayed from a fellow employee:

"Mr. Georgeson wanted me to tell you how great Leandra is! She was very thorough when he called in for his report interpretation. He said that his experience with Leandra, as well as Adam (who did the initial inspection) was so positive he has already recommended Environmental Services to others and will use us again in the future if needed at any of his other properties."

Mr. Georgeson
Encinitas, California


"It has been a very pleasant experience working with your company during this troublesome period. Thank you and God Bless!"

Sharron T.
New York, New York


"My wife and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your inspection report. It was very thorough and efficient and we wouldn't hesitate to call you again in the future if we need to."

Paul & Michele D.
Anaheim, California

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